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Pidgeon Civil Engineering
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We have had extensive experience within the New South Wales railway infrastructure industry including the Government Railways and as infrastructure consultants. We offer the following services to assist in the management of railway systems:
  Project Management
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We can assist from the development of railway infrastructure projects through to their completion.
This includes project planning, configuration and operational analysis and planning, contract management.
  Track Possession Planning
We develop track possession programmes covering the whole of projects and develop detailed programmes for the individual track possessions.
  System Assurance
With the client we develop system assurance plans using a systems approach commencing from system configuration through risk analysis, risk assessment and management, the development of alternatives, and system modelling.
  Accreditation Documentation
Assistance in the documentation of the civil infrastructure management aspects of applications for accreditation, including risk identification, risk control, engineering systems safety, configuration and safety management .
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Technical assessment of railway civil infrastructure proposals.
Development of procedures to meet the clients quality management systems.
Technical investigation.
Technical standards review and application.
Work methodologies and process identification and control.
Economic and value analysis.
  Asset Management
Infrastructure assessment and condition auditing.
Life cycle costing.
Asset plans.
Line management plans.
Maintenance management systems.
Pidgeon Civil Engineering